How to Achieve ‘Dolphin Skin’


What is this makeup trend all over Instagram? With the ‘your skin but better’ reigning all over, ‘dolphin skin’ is another extension to that. As the skin of a dolphin is known to be smooth and watery the beauty term ‘dolphin skin’ refers to describing a glistening, ‘fresh out of the water’ look. It really is a sterling and fun way of expressing glowy skin.


dalba double serum


So how do you get that look? As the way the skin looks is most important, both skincare and makeup techniques are required. As to start off with skincare, filling your skin with full hydration and nutrition is important. And as for that to be possible, cellular turnover would be something to pay attention to. Exfoliation of dead cells stimulates cell turnover, resulting in a smoother texture of the skin and allows for the products you apply afterwards, sufficient to fully absorb into the skin.

If the skin is ready, it will suck up all the moisture and nutrients you apply. This step requires a good quality moisturizer, not only adding hydration, but the right health benefits your skin needs. The right type of ingredients and consistency guides you into a more replenishing skin experience. dAlba’s 100% vegan White Truffle Double Layer Revitalizing Serum contains natural essential oils and a high ratio of white truffle with tocopherol adding elasticity and brightness to the skin. Just by shaking the double layered formula, the properties are ready to be absorbed into the skin providing glow and long-lasting moisture. The skin glows even from underneath the makeup you will wear.




Also an essential step for the ‘dolphin skin’ is to protect your skin from harmful sunrays with a nice moisturizing sunscreen adding on to the glow. Every step needs moisture. Now, full coverage isn’t the key. Use a hydrating foundation, apply a light layer, maybe with a wet sponge continued to build up the hydration. The dolphin skin isn’t just hydrated looking skin. Add some dimension and warmth to your complexion. Not too intense, a touch of blush and highlighter would brighten everything up.

To add a final touch, a moisturizing setting spray would coat your skin and makeup with a luminous glow. A perfect pair with the double layer serum, the White Truffle First Spray Serum not only has good properties to give nutrients to the skin but to also help your makeup last longer with a glow. Spray the glow and there you have the ‘dolphin skin.’

As the beauty trend rises to brightening even your imperfections, people pursue a glow of health and freshness. A good balance of lifestyle habits and just a few tips will surely make your skin super-luminous, dewy and looking multidimensional, just as a dolphin would look.