Launched new vegan sunscreen ‘Waterfull Vegan Tone Up Sunscreen’

The d’Alba sunscreens are 3rd ranked in the 2021 Consumer Reputation Index that are a Waterfull Essence Sunscreen which is a chemical sunscreen and Mild Essence Sunscreen which is a physical sunscreen and they both are certified with Italy vegan V-Label.

These two sunscreens have passed the tests for sensitive skin and have been popular in Korea and various overseas customers as well because of their moist formulation with no white cast.

Waterfull Tone-Up Sunscreen

The new Waterfull Tone-Up Sunscreen is a vegan sunscreen that combines the strengths of both chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen respectively that the physical sunscreen is recognized of less skin irritation and chemical sunscreen is good for light application and fast absorption into the skin. Waterfull Tone-Up Sunscreen easily absorbs into the skin and the water essence provides moisture to keep your skin moisturized.

Waterfull Tone-Up Sunscreen

In addition, it creates a natural luminous tone-up effect as if it were your own skin, and can be used alone or as a substitute for a makeup base. It is also certified Italian vegan certification ‘V-label’ and completing hypoallergenic clinical tests.

Waterfull Tone-Up Sunscreen

In particular, it contains Truferol, a proprietary ingredient that uses white truffle, which has excellent antioxidant effect with wrinkle care improving elasticity and UV protection, SPF50+ and PA++++.

The new Waterfull Tone-Up Sunscreen will be available for purchasing on Amazon US and global homepage,