How to Make the ‘Glow’

Have you ever wanted your skin illuminating with the natural glow everyone dreams of? Your skin with a healthy shine, no imperfections or pores shown at all. So unrealistic, huh. The closest we can get to is glowy makeup done with different highlighters gleaming here and there. Most glowy makeup tutorials or recommended items are illuminating primers, glowy foundations, lip glosses, and of course, highlighters. Well, for a different solution, what about giving the REAL glow to your skin? Not just by applying different shimmering makeup products but treating your skin with rich nutrients that hydrate and amplify your skin health.

dalba white truffle


Where should we start? Glowy makeup doesn’t start with primers, it starts with cleansing. Using a mild, yet exfoliating cleanser cleans out all the impurities, making your skin ready for the next step! Now, hydrating and filling the skin with nutrients is key. There’s a whole lot of different types of moisturizers, but just start with the wateriest consistency and build it up from there. Wrap up your skincare with a moist sunscreen that soothes the skin leaving a natural glow.


white truffle mist serum


Now, go ahead and start with the makeup products, a primer to begin with, a luminous one would be nice. To make your look more glowy, every step should contain moisture or glow. When the skin is evened out, apply concealer and dewy foundation but not in a thick layer. Spread it out with a wet makeup sponge moisturizing every part of your face. Not too many colors for your eyes would help your glowy skin stand out. Avoid using powder products. Rather than using a powdered face blush, use a liquid type to brighten everything up. Same with the lips, a gloss or plumper would do good. A highlighter would be great to finish it off, but here I would like to introduce something else. A real skin treatment not only to give the glow but to also hydrate the skin. That’s where the REAL glow comes from.


white truffle first spray serum


A product so convenient and moisturizing to use anywhere and anytime. d'Alba’s first spray serum is a skincare product used at the very first step of skincare as its name claims to be. White truffle being the main ingredient, it gives your skin what it needs, moisture, elasticity, luminous, and radiance. Also, other plant-based ingredients like avocado oil and sunflower seed oil, really give nutrients to the skin, super mild, good for sensitive skin as well. The biggest point is that it’s in a spray bottle packaging, convenient and clean to use. Pat your skin after applying for it to absorb into the skin. You’ll experience the glow you were looking for. Also used as a makeup fixer, it helps your makeup last longer, making it the perfect product to finish your glowy makeup look.


dalba mist serum


Glowy look cannot be left out in the skincare trends. The difference of typical luminous makeup looks and the glow, all starts off in skincare. Healthy skin cannot look bad but is hard to get. d'Alba is a great way to start! Look at the ingredients and formula it uses. Your skin would die for it. Different kinds of serum sprays could suit different skin types. Check out what suits your skin!