Keep Your Makeup from Caking

A caked look is much easier to get than you think. Was once a trend, but now with the no-makeup makeup look on the run, the unnatural look is not something you would want to go after.

The ‘caked’ look refers to foundations and powders that appear thick layered, no glow seen whatsoever. High coverage foundations and concealers built up may cover your imperfections entirely, but you’ll end up with the ‘caked up’ look. The natural makeup look can be achieved with a much-simplified number of stages and right choice of products.


no makeup


Skincare, a Must

Under your natural makeup should be a much more hydrated but not too much of a heavy consistency product. Avoid heavy creams before makeup. It may contain many nutrients but isn’t good to use right before makeup. It can be the first layer of caked up skin. Use a hydrating lightweight serum that preps your skin for foundation giving your skin moisture and glow.

Use a light-to-mid Coverage Foundation

The main reasons of your makeup building up is using the wrong foundation formula. The higher the amount of coverage there is in a foundation, the higher level of pigments there is for opacity. That gives you a much higher chance of dulling your shine you made in the skincare step. Same with what was mentioned in the previous skincare step, use a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a light coverage liquid foundation. Applying the product with a damp sponge or with a wet brush can make your skin look more hydrated.


spray serum

A Final Touch of Glow

To finish off the glowy natural skin appearance, a spritz of mist would really help. A product that can also set your makeup would also improve the longevity of your makeup even without a setting powder. A product that can surely give your skin the glow with effects of setting your makeup, d’Alba’s White Truffle First Spray Serum will certainly do the job. Not just a make-up setting spray or a hydrating mist, this spray serum packs your skin with plant-based nutrients treating your skin and giving the satisfying glow over your makeup at the same time. Convenient to take with you everywhere, simply put it in your purse and use it to freshen up and glisten up your skin. This lightweight spray ‘serum’ is also a good choice for your skincare as well.

As to touch-ups, using more product isn’t always the answer. To avoid layering foundation over foundation, just re-blend using a makeup sponge, distributing what you already have to an even layer. If the glow has dulled, a spritz of the spray serum will bring the glow back to a shine!

The no-makeup make-up doesn’t require more skills and wide range of products. Find the right formula that works for your skin in every step. The glow will not be hard to achieve.