Beauty Lifestyle: Skinimalism

Out of so many trends and skincare practices, everything seems to lead to the same destination: the well-being of skin. The pandemic has certainly brought profound impact to the habit of consuming. Choosing the essential skincare products, (some do go further than that) not overwhelming for your skin to take in, is one of the most important trends everyone is talking about.



What is skinimalism? A new term born combining skincare and minimalism together. Minimalists keep items that are essential. Same with skincare. No more layering products together. Skinimalism is all about simplification of skincare steps and the number of products used as well. Before, everyone thought using more products and ingredients brought more benefits. Now we know that using more can result in more serious skin issues. Skin experts say that the essential skincare only has 3-4 steps: cleansing, moisturization, and sun protection. Plus, you can add in a special treatment if you desire.  



double serum and cream



Here, we have a great product to get you on the road to skinimalism, a moisturizer you can customize to your needs. It’s hard trying out what consistency and nourishment level you need everyday. Try d’Alba’s White Truffle Double Serum & Cream. 2 formulas in one container: an aqua serum that fully hydrates and soothes your skin from any irritation & an intensive cream that gives you deep nourishment to your skin. Mix the formula according to your skin type or skin condition that day.

Ratio for skin type/condition:
▶lack of hydration & oily skin aqua serum: intense cream = 2:1
▶for oil-moisture balance & combination skin aqua serum: intense cream = 1:1
▶moisturization/nutrition needed & dry skin aqua serum: intense cream = 1:2


Also, it could be used separately on different parts of the skin. Use the intensive cream on drier patches of the skin and the aqua serum on the oilier parts. The intensive cream could be used as an eye or neck cream as well. This product certainly helps you lesson down the steps and products to your skincare routine.

Skin Fasting

Another term that is on the trend is skin fasting. Skin fasting is using no or minimum of products to let the skin self-regenerate itself. The results may be different for each individual as some say to not use any skincare products at all whereas some say to use at least 2. Results of skin fasting is said to show after about two weeks. Similar with skinimalism using only the essentials is key.







As strong healthy skin is showing up everywhere, the most significant sign for it is the ‘glow.’ People are looking for luminous skin, smooth and natural. Brands therefore are coming up with exfoliating products easy to use, active ingredients based on patented enzymatic complexes. And to top that natural vibe foundations are being replaced with tinted moisturizers, bb cream, and so on.


With the needs of consumers changing, brands are in a rush to lay out products of multi-function with desirable results. Sticking with the original functions seems to be the way of maintaining good health for the skin and your lifestyle. Start by little steps of shortening your skincare routine. See how your skin bears with it. You’ll want to continue!