All-In-One Glow Skincare

Two hot keywords that has been searched with skincare for quite some time, minimal skincare and glowy skin. Have you tried to achieve any of those? Everyone knows it isn’t an easy goal to reach.


So many specialists and research say that too much skincare products end up at the risk of clogging your pores or causing other skin issues. All products have benefits and it is true you want all of them to happen to your skin. But if all of them were used together, would that actually be effective? Some ingredients produce a negative effect when used together or they may be too irritating. LESS IS MORE. A single product can be used in different steps for particular results.

Well, you may ask, what about all the different functions each item has? If you do want the different functions fit in your routine, why not consider a multi-functioning item? With one item, it could be used differently in another step for particular uses. For instance, brands are coming up with skincare infused makup or it may be the opposite. Spend less, earn more.


serum mist



Vibrant skin with firmness and elasticity looks youthful and fresh. To top that all off, a luminous glow shining naturally by different angles is surely a skin desire. A natural glow comes from healthy nutrient nourished skin. Knowing what your skin type is and what kind of nutrients it needs is key to consider good products to use daily or for special care. Especially if you do have sensitive skin, you should consider the ingredients and always test it on your inner wrist before use to see if you have any reactions.


Searching for the right products that matches your skin is certainly a hard thing to do. What properties do you consider when selecting a skincare item? Going with an item chosen by many people could be worth it. Being loved by so many people, the White Truffle Spray Serum line has more than 10 million bottles sold. The mist serum provides multi functions being capable of minimizing your skincare as well as instantly giving hydration and the glow to your skin.


first spray serum


The main ingredient being white truffles, it delivers ample minerals and nutrients to your skin, also contributing to skin vitality and texture enhancement. Because there are no surfactants, the serum mist is divided into two layers of a serum layer and an essence layer. It could be used in any step of your skincare or makeup or even after some time has passed. Supplying your skin with hydration in every step is what makes the glow shining in every angle.


The serum mist could be used as a setting spray, or also used when you do touchups. It will help your makeup stay in place giving a final touch of glow. It also refreshens your look, back to when it was just done. Just give it a shake and spritz to your desire.


serum mist


It’s such a peculiar thing everyone seems to know what gives them the pleasure to use and what actually is good for their skin. Ranks tell us people trust the product, ingredients, and the brand. The White Truffle Serum Spray line seems to have good results on that standard as well. In the top 50 rank of face serums in Amazon, the serum mists are certainly being used by many people. *first spray serum #35 *vital spray serum #24


With so many standards and choices to pick from, it is getting more difficult to cut down your skincare routine. Finding what suits the skin is what we’ve got to do. Consider the ingredients and functions. Find your glow!