Makeup Artist’s Favorites ft. celebrity makeup

Everyone’s favorites are all different, as well as the essentials in each one’s makeup pouches. Each individual would have a different look they wanted according to different purposes. What would the true essentials be for celebrities, or could I say the makeup artists of celebrities? Shall be slightly different for everyone but of course there are always old standbys that are used to freshen up the look. The real basics that are worth the cash used on any or even every look.


Hydrating Moisturizer

Start with a good moisturizer that could help your skin hydrated all day long. A non-greasy and light weighted product so it won’t cake up on your makeup. A moisturizer that can be used in the first and last step, also being able to be used for touch ups, d’Alba’s White Truffle Spray Serum is the right choice. The main ingredient, white truffles, are full of nutrition that bring vitality and hydration to the skin. With the essence layer and serum layer being both applied at the same time, it brings the best of both worlds white it’s in a convenient spray type container. Just shake and spritz. Makeup artists of BlackPink, and BTS all say that with this one product, hydration + nutrition + glow could be added to the skin.


dalba mist


Lightweight Foundation and Concealer

Good for both the base makeup and for touchups, lightweight foundations and concealers do the job. With descent amount of coverage, lightweight foundations and concealers could be used to build up on the skin to your satisfaction. When you’re up for touchups these products won’t be too heavy to use. Lightly erase the areas where it has caked up or has been erased. Lightly apply again and you’ll be back with the fresh makeup look that you started with.


Finishing Powder

Look for a translucent pressed finishing powder for a long-lasting and clear look. The skin will look clean and clear even behind camera. Especially when face masks are required, the fine powder will help the makeup stay on the areas where the face mask touches the skin.


Define the Eyes

Cameras tend to wash 35% of the color off your makeup. That’s why celebrities on shoot get more defined colors for their makeup. The metallic glitter can reflect too much light on camera. Makeup artists make sure to add shape and color to the eyes while blending out any sharp edges of color. Don’t forget to volumize and curl up the lashes to get the defined eyes.


dalba serum



A long day of shooting wears the makeup away. Touch-ups are always required but to up the longevity a setting spray is a must! Also with shootings, the glow is an aspect that makes the skin look stronger and healthier. The First Spray Serum works as a setting spray presenting the glow also. Use right after the makeup is finished and in between touch ups to freshen up and glisten.


Great products for makeup artists are multi functioning ones, as they tend to hold tons of products with them everyday. Upgrade your makeup with items used by professionals. They’re the real essentials for every look.