Minimalize Your Skincare Routine

With so many types of products and brands on the market, it seems like the whole beauty industry is demanding a long and complicated skincare routine with 7-10 products as being normal, while it’s not. Beauty experts say the real essentials in skincare only require 3-4 products. In order for this to be possible, you’ve got to select items that work really effectively to treat every part of your skin’s needs all at once. Not only you’ll save your time, but you’ll be doing good and healthy to your skin.


Create a Minimalist Skincare Routine

Take a look at the products you use on a daily basis. How many are there? Do all of them actually make good results on your skin? The ideal minimalist skincare routine only relies on three to four products: a cleanser, a moisturizer, a sunscreen, etc. Only that number of products is required to achieve healthy skin. Dermatologists too actually suggest having a simple skincare routine. They say that using a greater number of products has a higher possibility to clog and damage the pores, blocking and creating other long-term negative effects.


dalba first spray serum


Look for all-round products

To minimalize the products you use, look for products that are versatile. One product with multiple effects and functions surely helps the process get a lot shorter. For instance, serums could be combined with a moisturizer. The main use of serums is gaining the effect of a certain ingredient. That topped off with a hydrating component can reduce multiple steps of your skincare. Take a look at this spray serum. Used both as a serum and a mist, it moisturizes and fills in the nutrients your skin needs. Also in a spray bottle, it is very convenient and clean to use. Just shake the layers of plant-based moisturizing oils and white truffle, and spritz it onto your face. It can be used first, last, or in between any products, and can also be used as a setting spray. It really is an all-in-one product used everywhere. This White Truffle First Spray Serum could definitely save your time and number of products used in your skincare routine.


dalba waterful essence sun cream


Sunscreen + Moisturizer

Protecting your skin from harmful sunrays is a must whether it’s summer or winter. As long as the sun shines, sunscreens must be applied to protect and prevent a variety of illnesses, aging, and skin problems. Another way of minimizing your skincare routine is using a sunscreen that is moisturizing. Just with the sunscreen, your skin will maintain fresh and hydrated. The Waterful Essence Sun cream is a chemical sunscreen that also contains good ingredients that will hydrate your skin with a sheer and natural finish. The lightweight and essence-like consistency is nice and easy to apply also has a high spf (SPF50+ PA++++).


Time it

A way to judge your skincare routine is the amount of time you take. A good rule you should keep is that it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Even if you take time patting in all the goodies of the product, 10 minutes would be enough to finish. Time what step takes the longest. You’ll be able to find a spot to reduce.


Simplify down to the basics, good quality skincare products bring better long-term results, saving your time and your budget. You may think that you’re not doing enough to your skin and reach for more. Be patient and practice. You’ll have the same-if not better results!