Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen

Do you know the difference between physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreen? Should you choose a physical or chemical sunscreen? Which one you will choose?

Sunscreens are one of important parts of skincare routine, protecting the skin from UV rays that cause skin cancer. However, the importance of sunscreens has been somehow underestimated. Lets find out how these are different and which one is right for you.

  • Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and absorbs UV rays then converts they rays into heat and release them from body.
  • Physical sunscreen does not absorb into the skin but reflects UV rays from body directly.


1. d'Alba waterfull essence sunscreen

dalba waterfull essence sunscreen

d’Alba has three different type of sunscreens. Waterfull essence sunscreen is chemical sunscreen. This sunscreen is one of d’Alba main product that has been steady selling product not only in summer but also in four seasons. Sunscreen has been recognized as four-season cosmetic for a long. It is always used before makeup. In addition, it is basic skincare routine that must be used when going out.

It contains white truffle, the signature ingredients of d’Alba, to deliver minerals to the skin, helping to improve the skin texture as well as a sunscreen function.

As chemical sunscreen, it has no white cast and it will allow a high-quality moisturizing experience with sheer and natural finish, making it ideal for all skin types to use and leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy.

The waterfull essence sunscreen has completed various official clinical tests so that sensitive skin customers use without concerns that are dermatologist tested, vegan, wrinkle improvement test complete, hypoallergenic test complete, and also it is formulated without all 20 harmful ingredients. 


2. d'Alba mild mineral sunscreen

dalba mild essence sunscreen

d'Alba mild mineral sunscreen is the first vegan products among all products. This sunscreen has been approved by the Italian Vegetarian Association of its pure and 100% vegan substances. Due to its plant-based ingredients, it provides a mild and gentle application to the face while supplying the skin with nutrients with radiant finish.

This has completed clinical tests for the sensitive skin customer that are dermatologist tested, vegan, skin soothing test complete and it is formulated without all 20 types of harmful ingredients as well.


Chemical sunscreens vs Physical sunscreens

Two sunscreens with different formulations and ingredients, and method of action. Which sunscreen is right for you? Let us hear your opinion. 😊