Holiday Makeup Trends of 2021

The holidays are just around the corner and we don’t want to miss out on any part of it! There have been so many trends this year and of course we can’t leave out the holiday makeup trends of the year 2021! Just a few key points to put in your makeup. These simple and classic beauty looks will enlighten the warmest holidays.


Metallic Eyes

Smoky eyes have been a classic for so long. Dark shades forming gradations making your eyes look more in depth. To add a final touch to these smoky eyes, top it off with a touch of shimmer. They will give your eyes the sparkle, perfect for the holiday season. Not too much of a shimmering foil kind of appearance as it was a trend in 2019, use a shimmering eyeshadow stick perhaps to add the subtle shine to the eyes.


dalba makeup


Flushed Cheeks

As the trend this year was a natural look, not completely covering your complexions, flushed cheeks can make your complexions look a bit more fresh and healthy. With the weather cold outside, your skin is dehydrated and easily irritated. Apply a lightweight foundation underneath maybe with a hydrating primer before for the skin. Then rather than using a powder type of blush, use a liquid or cream type to make a dewy rosy cheek appearance. Choose the right shade of blush depending on your undertone or how strong you want it to stand out. There’s a lot of different directions of what kind of shade to wear on what kind of skin tone, but just remember one thing: for a natural look, wear a blush with the same undertone as your skin, for a bold looking blush, choose the opposite undertone as your skin. For example, if you have a cool (pink undertone) skin tone, wear a cool blush shade for a natural look and a warm blush shade for a strong color. Vice versa for the opposite.


Rosy Lips

Masks are always required in public settings, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make festive looking lips! Minding the harsh weather, use a gloss to plump up your lips and add a pop of color for the rosy lips. A hydrating gloss type of lip product would be good for the look with the color not too strong or weak. Reach for a product that also cares for the chapped lips with a sheer finish so you can apply whenever your lips feel dry. It will add up to that healthy looking festive look!


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Glowing Skin

Along with showing your natural complexions, adding glow to the skin has also been a big trend over the year. Create a radiant complexion look. Start with skincare that fully packs your skin with hydration and nutrients that can add to that natural glow. Skincare is usually overlooked when talking about makeup but it shouldn’t. Skincare brings a natural glow coming from the inside, something that can’t be made with makeup products. After the hydrating skincare process, then should come luminous primers and lightweight foundations topped off with a radiant setting spray.


To make that process a bit more simple, take a look at d’Alba’s White Truffle First Spray Serum. Starting right after your cleansing routine, shake a spritz as you wish. You’ll feel the freshness and hydration being layered onto your skin. The white truffle used inside the spray serum, provides full nourishment with anti-aging effects. Also, the plant based oils such as avocado oil bring skin relief with care for skin elasticity. Use this spray serum as a setting spray also. It will help the longevity of your makeup as well as giving you that glow. Use it for touch ups to refreshen, vitalizing your skin with the glow.


There’s not so much to a holiday makeup look. Use simple products that match your skin tone and end it with a glow. Be confident with your complexions and glisten up!