Personalized Skincare ft. customized care

Personalized items, care systems are getting more and more attention because it really seems that it cares for each individual. And it seems that it always has played a significant role in the beauty industry. Of course, skincare cannot be left out. A dermatologist says that it takes almost two years, on average, for women to find the perfect moisturizer. What a waste of time and money. That really is the reason a lot of people say that they would rather reach out for personalized skincare products even though it costs more. Consumers feel cared for which results in engagement, trust, and sales.


Through the years, this process has evolved. So many brands have their own distinctive ways to customize skincare. Just by peaking in some steps you’ll be amazed. A diagnostic quiz evaluates your skin, your lifestyle as well as your environment to indicate what problems you have and what the cause is. A proprietary algorithm may analyze and match the skin’s needs. Another brand has a members-only IoT skincare service that offers 80,000 skincare patterns matched with the daily skin conditions and living environments that change day to day. There also is a personalized skincare monthly subscription service that determine the products for each customer with a unique skin map to as close to a clinical diagnosis.



dalba double serum and cream


This big change is now getting more attention due to the pandemic. People accepted personalized skincare as convenient but unnecessary but with the pandemic going on new perspectives have been trending. Consumers seek solutions targeted to specific needs.


Consumers are getting more knowledgeable, sophisticated enough to do research for what they need, reach out for accessible diagnostic tools, AI, and online experts for guidance. This has changed the product landscape towards a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, demanding the exact needs of different skin problems. What about skin conditions that change daily? You may get a sudden breakout or different elements may cause different reactions.


Customizing your whole skincare routine is great for your overall skin health and condition. But there are seasons, environmental issues, periods where your skin just doesn’t act as normal as it did. You might not be able to deal with such situations with the products that you have. d'Alba suggests a solution with one product, a moisturizer and nourishment treatment that does so much for various skin types and conditions.


dalba double serum and cream


The new released White Truffle Double Serum & Cream have two formulas in a single packaging to be applied in different ratios appropriate to you. The aqua serum applies lightly on the skin hydrating, good for soothing the skin. The intense cream provides elastic skincare with nutritious and rich application. Mixing these two formulas create different consistencies therefore all skin types can customize to their needs. For instance, if you have dry skin but you get a sudden breakout or irritation, you may need higher soothing factors than nourishment. Then you would use a higher ratio of the aqua serum. If you have combination skin and need different consistencies of moisturizers you could use the aqua serum on oilier parts of the skin while using the intense cream on dry patches.


Personalized skin care is getting products recommended to your skin. Along and beyond that, customizing the product that you use is a step closer to personalized care. Understand your skin and what conditions you have. We can’t control our skin conditions everyday, but we sure have got to be prepared for what can come.