Premium Veganism ‘d’Alba’

Veganism, vegan consuming, what is it that everyone is talking about? Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. Not only diet wise, but the consuming of all products, changing lifestyle and the standards of consuming. The value of veganism has been increasing as it shows in numbers. The rate of vegan consumers is increasing year by year.

So, what about cosmetic brands? You can find out from the latest news, celebrities launching their own vegan brands and product, vegan here and there. Brands can say… “organic brand/product,” would you be able to trust their ingredients? Well, for a solution, take a look at the V-label.


premium vegan dalba

dalba white truffle


The V-label is an internationally recognized, registered symbol for labeling vegan products. A lot easier for consumers to reach for vegan brands and products that are verified. The market is growing fast with more and more v-labeled products registered in 27 countries. Here, we would like to introduce to you a beauty brand that has products with this trustworthy label.


With skincare becoming such a popular trend, d’Alba takes one step farther gaining the consumer’s needs and lifestyle of a vegan consumer. With the main ingredient being white truffles, d’Alba cares for each other ingredient that is used and looks for a more healthy and helpful way for consumers to build up their way to a more lively and glowing skin condition.


double layer revitalizing serum


Reaching for a bit more, d’Alba shows their line of products with the V-label, not only the ingredients being vegan but targeting for a more luxurious skin experience. Have a look at this product #veganserum. Being 100% vegan, this serum contains optimal ratio of 10,000ppm white truffle infused with tocopherol giving the skin elasticity and brightness. The 10 types of plant-based organic substances help all these ingredients seep deep into the pores.


d’Alba plans for more products and lines being vegan, also upgrading their existing product lines. May you experience d’Alba’s premium vegan products as a proud vegan consumer.


premium vegan dalba