Welcome to the Start of d’Alba’s Global Journey!

Celebrating the launching of our global homepage, d’Alba presents a replenishing skin experience for all buyers this November! With the colder season right ahead of us, d’Alba is right here to give us the right solution.


first spray serum


d'Alba piedmont is a premium vegan brand using healthy natural ingredients, the main ingredient being ‘white truffles’ which is also called a diamond found underground. d’Alba is inspired by a region in Piedmont, Italy, one of the main cities in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the finest white truffles are found. All products of d’Alba use this ingredient for safe use of all skin types, giving a luxury touch at the same time.


dalba first spray serum


d'Alba pursues all products to be the right choice for different skin problems, soothing the skin and filling each layer with ample nutrients, moisturizing and giving the glow and healthiness to the skin of which everyone dreams of. With the mission of spreading this gem, d’Alba offers all the buyers of November a wonderful chance of using the waterfull sleeping pack.


dalba double layer revitalizing serum 

This small pack of gel-type face mask is clean to use and portable for the most perfect night care routine. This product hydrates the skin with eight different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules, improving skin elasticity and giving care through the whole night. A single pack contains 14 individual packets, being a 2-week skin treatment. 

d'Alba hopes to be the skin saver everyone seeks for. Now with you on the journey, d’Alba hopes to be there with you every single moment, in every condition. Stay tuned in for updated products and tips.