Premium Vegan Beauty d'Alba piedmont

There are so many VEGAN products and brands out there, it's hard to notice the difference. Out of so many brands and products, here is a brand to consider. A top-ranked premium skincare brand that has been loved by and proven to be a game changer. d’Alba piedmont is a premium vegan skincare brand that offers the most convenient and satisfying skincare experience. From the bestseller, the White Truffle First Spray Serum to their newly launched product, White Truffle Double Serum & Cream, there are tons to talk about this brand.


dalba white truffle


White Truffles

Let’s talk all about ingredients. dalba piedmont has a strong point in all their products. ALL products have white truffle in them, a precious ingredient harvested in a region in Italy, alba. In fact, that’s where their name comes from. White Truffles take 7-10 years for them to grow underground and get harvested.

A real valuable ingredient that also is called to be a diamond underground. Through this ingredient, the products from dalba bring nourishment and hydration, the stunning glow only found from healthy skin. dalba skincare also has made its own ingredient trufferol, white truffle + tocopherol, to bring elasticity and anti-aging properties gracefully to the skin. The most important thing about white truffles is that it provides anti-aging peptides, essential fatty acids, vitamin B and C. They repair the skin and prevent hyperpigmentation, great for soothing out the skin texture and brightening the complexion.


dalba spray serum


White Truffle First Spray Serum

The best-seller, dalba first spray serum, you may have seen this all-in-one convenient product somewhere on somebody’s makeup pouch. This glow maker is absolutely stunning used literally anytime in your skincare and your makeup. The two layers consisting of a serum layer and an essence layer brings the best of both worlds. An oil layer may let you think that it’s heavy but certainly not, this serum mist is set on the skin instantly hydrating and presenting the glow. This is the product that got so many people being dalba lovers. The 78,500 reviews tell us that it really is a product that everyone loves. How to use the first spray serum? Just shake a spritz to your satisfaction!

Also don’t forget, there are 2 other versions of this delicious product. The Vital Spray Serum which has a red shine to it and the Intensive Skin Calming Serum, which has a green layer, have slightly different benefits. Check them out. The titles are the hints for their benefits.


dalba double serum


White Truffle Double Layer Revitalizing Serum

If the first spray serum brings instant hydration and glow, the Double Layer Revitalizing Serum is a concentrated serum that works great at night and even in daytime to give your skin full nourishment. This vegan serum presents elasticity care with their signature ingredient trufferol. You can see the ratio of 7:3 in this bottle as well both formulas having much more concentrated ingredients in them. It is used as a perfect pair with the first spray serum.


dalba dual cream


White Truffle Double Serum & Cream

Dalba’s recent new launched product is the vegan Double Serum & Cream which has 2 formulas each having its own skinlicious property. The aqua serum is light and provides hydration with skin relief, great to calm down the skin from any irritation. The intense cream has dense volume that brings deep moisturization and nutrients to the skin, but never too heavy. These 2 formulas come together to mix in different ratios for different skin types and conditions that change daily. The most basic ratio is 1:1 a perfect balance for combination skin types. Higher ratio of the aqua serum is for oily skin and for skin that is irritated. Higher ratio of the intense cream is for dry skin that need nourishment and elasticity care. These two formulas could also be used separately on different parts of the skin or the intense cream used as an eye cream.


dalba multi balm


White Truffle Double Serum All In One Multi Balm

Dalba double serum all in one multi balm is created for those who want to care wrinkles around on neck, chin and eyes also needs to make the skin bright. It is very handy and easy to carry for daily usage whenever you feel dryness on skin. It can be used for lip balm as well. The double serum multi balm is divided by two parts of serum that are for brightening and for hydration and elasticity. Dalba’s patent ingredient, Tocopherol, is in and it is also certified by Italian vegan association, V-Label. Dalba multi balm also pass hypoallergic test so that sensitive skin type customer can use without worrying of and certified for the main functionality of antiwrinkle and brightening of the skin. 


dalba dual cream


Not one product is just plain. Every single product has its own values and ways to use. A reason to be tried! Dalba has all its products to be hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested meaning it’s great for sensitive skin. Their lines develop to a vegan product getting certified from V-label, a faithfully trusted global vegan symbol.


Are you ready to head for a try? Why not? I’m sure you’ll be satisfied by the spraying sensation!