Vegan Suncare, Start This Spring!

It’s finally spring break and we can head to the beaches and pools. Enjoying the cool breeze and laying under the sun after a long winter is the perfect vacation. But we cannot ignore the fact that the sun can severely burn us. The cool temperatures may fool us to not use sunscreens, stay out longer and expose ourselves to the danger of UV rays under the extended daylight. 

The amount of UV rays that reach the ground and our skin depends on the angle the sun is at. The higher the sun angle, the more UV radiation hits the ground. However, this does not mean that low sun angle periods, the cooler seasons, do not have UV rays penetrating into the Earth’s atmosphere and therefore our skin. We need sun protection all-year-round.


  1. UV Waterfull Essence Sunscreen

waterfull essence sunscreen

Waterfull Essence Sunscreen provides strong sun protection with SPF 53.9 ±5.1 and PA++++, which shields the skin from a broad spectrum of UV rays. An in-vitro experiment was completed for its protection against blue light exposure. Thus, with its protection from various radiations, that may damage our skin, can lead to maintaining a healthy skin.

It is a chemical sunscreen that has aquaxyl, sodium PCA and other hydrating ingredients allowing intense hydration without causing a white cast. It is absorbed into the skin quickly, making it a great moisture-rich primer before makeup. 

  1. UV Waterfull Mild Sunscreen

waterfull mild sunscreen

Waterfull Mild Sunscreen, just like its name, is a mild formula perfect for sensitive skin. Despite its gentle ingredients, it provides strong and broad protection with SPF 58.1 ± 6.2 and PA++++. There are 100nm non-nano sun protection elements that reduce the possibility of skin absorption, making it suitable for delicate skin.

It is a physical sunscreen that has ingredients such as centella extract, green tea water, and vitamin E. It does not give the harsh white cast typical physical sunscreen leaves but has a natural brightening finish. With its gentle formula, the mild sunscreen is relevant as a light-weight and gentle makeup primer.

  1. UV Waterfull Tone-up Sunscreen

waterfull tone up sunscreen

Waterfull Tone-up Sunscreen provides a broad protection spectrum with SPF 57.3 ± 8.9 and PA++++. It is different from both the Waterfull Essence Sunscreen and Waterfull Mild Sunscreen because it is a hybrid of chemical and physical sunscreens. Thus, it has the advantages of both types, smooth application and mild formula, making it suitable for all skin types. 

The tone-up sunscreen does not only provide strong sun protection but also gives the skin a natural pinkish glow, brightening the skin tone. Its subtle glowy finish makes it ideal for a day out without makeup or with a light coverage makeup.  

dalba piedmont

All three are vegan certified sunscreens by the meticulous Italian vegan label, V-label, and are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. They contain white truffle and tocopherol, which are carefully extracted from Italy, giving the skin an anti-aging care so that you can protect your skin from the sun and also nourish it at the same time. 

The best sunscreen is the one that you actually use and reapply throughout the day. The Waterfull sunscreens have light-weight application and a hydrating formula without giving a sticky finish. Which is perfect for the dry season to enjoy a day-out. These sunscreens have similarities and differences to satisfy various needs. You can read more and choose the best one to your preference!