In 23-79 A.D,

according to ‘Naturalis Historia’

by Pliny the Elder,

ancient Romans admired truffles

at the kitchen table, duplicated

the ancient Estruscans’s culinary use.


Even until Renaissance,

at the most reputable banquets all over Europe,

truffles were often served at the table of

the noble Caterina de’Medici and Lucrezia Borgia.


Since then, truffle hunting became

a popular entertainment among foreign ambassador…


Compared to black truffles,

White Truffles were only found in Italy, Piedmont

which considered to be the most prized ingredient

out of all truffles by all the courts of Europe

for its aromatic flavor and nutritional value.


“Why not feed your SKIN instead?”


Our Founder, profoundly

inspired by the story of the truffle,

found that White Truffle is indeed

one of the world’s most valuable substances

used for not only consumption,


also for cosmetics, containing large amounts

of vitamin C, vitamin B12, minerals,

amino acids, which improve

elasticity and antioxidant effects.



“d’Alba di Italy”

Therefore, ‘d’Alba’ was born and inspired by the White Truffles,

grown in Italian sanctuary Piedmont, full of nature gifts which is known as ‘underground ground’.


Piedmont Alba in Italy,

one of UNESCO’s World’s Heritage Sites,

born to deliver the health of a private,

sanctioned area that provides a clean and

hygienic environment for extraction,

d’Alba products are ALL infused with

the finest White Truffle and healthy natural ingredients

for safe use of all skin types, adding a touch of luxury.

“No Pain, No Gain”

Turns out, one of the top 3 delicacies,

white truffle can be harvested only after the long wait

of 7-10 years, from September to January.


We get special help from the trained dog to extract

our white truffle from 30-100cm of underground.


Furthermore, we combined

White Truffle which offers antioxidant substance and

abundant nutrient, with Tocopherol

which promotes moisture-rich hydration and

elasticity care, to create self-invented substance

“Trufferol” for extensive elasticity care

d’Alba x Alba Tartufi SRL

Contracted with ‘Mou’, we are partnered with

‘Alba Tartufi SRL’, established in 1988

as a professional white truffle extraction organization.

“Fortune Favours The Bold”

Through in-depth extraction research,

d'Alba have discovered the safest prime extraction method

called 3CMTE method, in which we utilize

in all of our extracted white truffle.


Why Spray Serum?

We have dedicated on developing

our products in the most convenient &

hygienic form and shortening skincare routine

while considering all-organic and effective ingredients.


All of our best-selling spray serums have been produced

with a top-tier pump spray for wide and strong dispersion.

We are still working to improve our sprays

by researching and inventing

different engineerings of pump sprays.


Therefore, our brand became widely known

with “White Truffle First Spray Serum”

for its convenience, distinctiveness, and efficacy,

while being highly acknowledged

by various celebrities and diverse countries.

Founder’s Note

“Our goal is to distribute our products for reasonable prices with the most luxurious substances to enhance consumer satisfaction.

We will always continue our journey and challenge to provide our consumers

with the most luxurious, convenient, and effective premium skincare”